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Active investment

Excess returns are always generated by a limited number of stocks. We aim to bring future top performers together for you. Our investment team has extensive knowledge of the market and a proven track record.


Make the most of fluctuations in the market
The stock market is often driven by emotions, but our stock picking is based on objective criteria. We are active and tactical to manage downside risks. Our portfolios are designed to deliver robust returns with lower volatility. 

At a glance

  • An investment model that actively responds to and anticipates
    developments in the market
  • Track Record demonstrates resilience during market turbulence
  • Based on financial analysis and in-house research
  • Ongoing portfolio monitoring and risk analysis
  • Positioned to outperform
  • Investment team with an excellent track record

What we believe
«A stock’s value reflects how it is perceived by investors, but does not always reflect its true underlying value. Based on our wealth of experience, we identify genuine potential for investors.»
Peter Ahluwalia
Founding Partner / Active Investment Office


Knowledge of the market

The long-term performance of a stock’s price depends on how the company’s profits grow. But in the short term, psychological, speculative and geopolitical factors also play a role.



Performance of CHF 1 Million Initial Investment in a LeoVest Equity Mandate since 2014


Discover the investment success of our active mandate solutions – Fees included!  Performance Statement


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Passive or active investment?

You don’t want to commit to one or the other just yet? Split your assets between these two approaches, and let the performance speak for itself.

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